Rumble City, Avalanche Studios Takes Their AAA Experience And Brawls Their Way Onto Mobile Formats

Over the past decade, Avalanche Studios has become synonymous with explosive open worlds. From Just Cause to Mad Max, players have come to rely on the independent studio to fulfill their cravings for emergent, chaotic gameplay and AAA production values.

Rumble City, however, is something entirely different. The open world is replaced by a strategic battle board, the massive destruction by cartoon brawling. In place of the traditional, singular action hero is a diverse cast of rugged bikers and street thugs.

Rumble City represents Avalanche Studios’ first venture into mobile gaming. It’s a passion project for a small strike team with a deep affection for tactical gameplay and 1960’s American biker culture. We lovingly refer to their invention as “biker chess”.

Rumble City is a lighthearted yet tactical puzzle brawler steeped in 1960’s American biker culture. Players engage AI opponents in bars, warehouses and back alleys that convey the chaos of a fistfight (feel free to bring knives!) while offering plenty of interesting tactical opportunities. Before and after each brawl, there’s the option to customize gear, care for busted up fighters and pick your line up for the next run-in with your rivals. In Rumble City, tipping the scale in your favor isn’t cheating. It’s expected.

rumble city

“When the team presented the characters of Rumble City, I instantly knew that I wanted to share them with the world” said Pim Holfve, CEO of Avalanche Studios. “While the game may be far removed from our trademark open world madness, it captures some of the same oddball humor our fans have come to expect and demand from us. That’s why Rumble City, despite being so different, feels right at home in the Avalanche Studios catalogue of games.”

rumble city 2
A free download with in-app purchases, Rumble City will be released on iOS platforms this Thursday, July 9th, 2015. It is also currently available on Android and Amazon devices.