We Play Wednesday: Can I Survive The Apocalypse In The Scarecrow Nightmare Missions?

Thank you for joining me on another episode of We Play Wednesday, today we’re providing a taste of the Scarecrow Nightmare Missions within Batman: Arkham Knight. As you may know, this 3 mission pack is a limited time exclusive for those of us playing on the PS4.

The reason I’m calling this a taste of the mission pack, because we’re only getting to see the first 2 missions this go around. Unfortunately I didn’t realize that Founders Island in the main story needs to be unlocked, before you’re able to access the 3rd AR Mission for the Scarecrow Nightmare Mission Pack. As I continue to progress through the main story, I’ll use this time to hone my driving skills so the next time I attempt these missions I’ll focus on accomplishing the time challenges.

Next week, I’ll be bringing you a play through of the Batgirl: A Matter of Family DLC as it’ll  be released for Season Pass holders. Definitely be sure to check back for that, in the meantime check out my other coverage on the current DLC for Batman: Arkham Knight.