DC Comics Monster Variant Covers Coming this October

DC Comics revealed that our favorite Comics will find themselves ready for Halloween with a series of truly awesome “Monster” variant covers, of course this is the 2nd year in a row that they’re embracing the spirit of October.

An all-star lineup of artist will transform DC Comics’ biggest heroes and villains into monster for the Halloween season. Below you’ll find the full list of artists contributing to DC’s monster variant month, as well as a few of the covers you’ll be able to keep an eye out for.

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Action Comics #45 by Dave Johnson

Aquaman #45 by Michael Golden

Batman #45 by Andy Kubert

Batman Beyond #5 by Dan Panosian w/ colors by Brad Anderson

dc monster batman beyond

Batman/Superman #25 by Michael Oeming

Black Canary #5 by Michael Allred w/ colors by Laura Allred

Catwoman #45 by Robbi Rodriguez

Cyborg  #4 by Mikal Janin

Deathstroke #11 by EM Gist

Detective Comics #45 by Bill Sienkiewicz

dc monster detective

Flash #45 by Gustavo Duarte

Grayson #13 by Jenny Frison

Green Arrow #45 by Kelley Jones w/ colors by Dave McCaig

Green Lantern  #45 by Neal Adams w/ colors by Alex Sinclair

Harley Quinn #21 by Ryan Sook

Justice League #45 by Szymon Kudranski

dc monster justice

JLA #5 by Whilce Portacio w/ colors by Alex Sinclair

Robin: Son of Batman #5 by Ty Templeton

Sinestro #16 by Karl Kerschl

Starfire #5 by Guillem March

New Suicide Squad #13 by Cary Nord

Superman #45 by Cully Hamner

Superman/Wonder Woman #22 by JP Leon

Teen Titans #13 by Aaron Lopresti

Wonder Woman #45 by Claire Wendling


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