San Diego Comic-Con: The DC Comics Highlights

This is that glorious time of year that so many of us look forward to, because of all the amazing conventions and the wonderful things being revealed…

When most people think of conventions the one that usually comes to mind first is the, pop culture behemoth, San Diego Comic-Con. Of course this means its come and gone once again, however were left reeling in its wake as we try to collect our composure and process everything that was revealed.

With that being said, I wanted to take a moment to recap the things I was most excited about during DC Comic’s time on the stage.

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Warner Bros Unveil A New Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Trailer
WB Pictures revealed the 2nd trailer for this highly anticipated superhero epic, in case you managed to miss it here you go… And all I can say is WOW! Anyone that’s been on the fence about Batman V Superman, this trailer is going to knock you clear off onto one side or the other.

The Suicide Squad Comes To Life In The First Trailer
WB Pictures also revealed the first trailer for The Suicide Squad, this trailer is clearly going to answer a few of the questions we’ve all been asking. Unfortunately Warner Bros has yet to officially release the trailer, I’ve only been able to find poor quality cell phone recordings of it before they’re being pulled down due to copyright infringement. However after the Batman V Superman trailer leaked just days before the IMAX screenings, WB officially released it… I can only hope the same will happen with this one.

Just in case you’re wondering, Jared Leto steals the trailer when he appears on screen as the Joker.

Here’s the official trailer in HD…

Warner Bros Announced Three New Original DC Universe Animated Features For 2016

The Killing Joke is easily one of the most recognizable graphic novels in the DC Universe. It can be argued that Brian Bollard & Alan Moore created a truly perfect story that shaped a great deal of the DC Universe that followed. The animated feature is going to be an exciting retelling of the story, it’ll also feature a 15 minute prologue that’ll help set the story in a way to engage new and old fans alike.

Batman: Bad Blood is an original Batman story that features the introduction of Batwoman to the new line of animated films.

Justice League vs. Titans is another original story and the first of the DC Universe Original Movies to feature the Teen Titans.

DC Comics Monster Variant Covers Coming this October
Our favorite Comics will find themselves ready for Halloween with a series of truly awesome Variant Covers. Of course you’ll find some of the awesome cover art revealed here

IDW Revealed The Batman/ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Miniseries
DC Entertainment & IDW Publishing announced a very special 6 part miniseries that promises to be a memorable crossover. Want to know more? Click here for more details and artwork

We’ll Be Seeing Two More Additions To The Popular EARTH ONE Series
Co-Publishers Jim Lee & Dan DiDio announced some exciting news. In 2016, fan favorite writer J. Michael Strazynski follows up his best-selling SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE tale with a new look at the Scarlet Speedster in FLASH: EARTH ONE. In addition, Francis Manapul (DETECTIVE COMICS) will provide his take on the King of the Seas in AQUAMAN: EARTH ONE.

Robot Chicken DC Comics Special lll: Magical Friends Airs This Fall
The new Robot Chicken DC Comics Special surrenders DC Comics multitude of Super Heroes and Super-Villains to the demented whims of the award-winning Robot Chicken for a triumphant third time. This time around, Batman and Superman’s bromance takes a competitive turn and the fate of the universe somehow hangs in the balance!

Green Lantern Reboot Has Been Confirmed, “Green Lantern Corps”
There really isn’t much to tell, except it’s been confirmed that the Green Lantern will be receiving a cinematic Reboot entitled the Green Lantern Corps. I’ll definitely be keeping my ears open for more news in the coming months.

Still Need To Familiarize Yourself With DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow? Here’s a good way to get acquainted with the entire team that’ll be debuting this fall…

Are you as excited as I was by all of the fantastic moments that DC delivered this year?

It’s these kinds of moments that make me love this time of year, however it’s the very same moments that make me kinda sad… Simply because I never get an opportunity to experience them live. So keep me in mind the next time you’re looking to make dreams come true and sponsor someone’s trip or if you’re looking to send someone for the sake of coverage… I’m your guy.