The First Chapter Of Blues And Bullets Lands On Steam This Month

Blues And Bullets is one of the most awaited games in the world-wide gaming community, this is why A Crowd of Monsters has decided to release the first chapter this month. They want to give the fans that have been waiting so patiently a chance to immerse themselves in the story and see what they’ve been waiting for. Unfortunately this will only be available for the Steam edition of the game, Xbox One owners will need to continue waiting a bit longer.

Blue And Bullets is a story that allows you take the role of the famous Eliot Ness, 20 years after he arrested the notorious criminal Al Capone. The action takes place in the fictional city of Santa Esperanza, where a retired Ness runs a diner where police and other law agents frequent. Aesthetically, Blues And Bullets touts an impressive graphic style based in a classic American comics and noir fiction style. The script has been written by Josué Monchán, the same writer that created the script from Runaway and Yesterday, among other great graphical adventures.

The music has been written by the multi awarded compositor Damian Sánchez, from the music studio Sonotrigger, and the main theme has been composed and interpreted by the Spanish singer Ïza. For the voicing talent, the title has used Doug Cockle (Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher 2 and 3) as Elliot Ness, and Jules de Jongh (Faith from Mirrors Edge), an important character that will appear later in the chapter This title is the most ambitious game that A Crowd Of Monsters has tackled yet, and through storytelling and music, it will take you to the deepest and darkest parts of a tortured soul. Visually it will immerse you in a realistic comic world with a taste of German Expressionism.

They began the project in 2009 at university, and it received an honorable mention in the student category at IGF 2010. The want the game to be a title that all gamers, worldwide, can play, and for that reason the first chapter will be at the reasonable price of $4.99, 10% cheaper the first week on Steam.

Of course you’ll also be able to pick up the entire first season for $19.99, that includes all 5 chapters.

A Crowd Of Monsters is a small indie company established in late 2011 in Barcelona (Spain) and have delivered Sugar Kid (iOS) and Funk of Titans (Xbox One, Wii U, Nvidia Shield Tv and PC Windows). They’re setting out to make games that keep the player on the edge of their seat, and Blues And Bullets is their most ambitious title yet!