Airscape: The Fall of Gravity set to release August 11th!

Test your skills in this gravity-shifting action platformer about an octopus, a dangerous world, and crazy physics. Set to release on August 11th, Airscape will be coming to Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.

Akin to titles such as VVVVVV, 1001 Spikes, and Super Meat Boy, Airscape stands up as a sophisticated challenge, set within a charming aesthetic.

“Our whole team couldn’t be more excited about the upcoming launch,” says lead designer and programmer Daniel West. “We’ve been working tirelessly for almost four years on a game that’s visually and aurally beautiful. Airscape: The Fall of Gravity is difficult enough to challenge platforming enthusiasts but forgiving enough for anyone to have a great time exploring the mind-bending worlds.”

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Airscape: The Fall of Gravity Trailer: