Advanced Imagination Inc, a Texas-based game development company made up of game industry veterans, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its upcoming genre-busting zombie-themed tabletop game, NecroVirus™. The Company, headed by Todd Porter, former CEO of legendary Dallas studio Ion Storm, is disrupting the tabletop gaming and 3D printing industries by introducing the world’s first fully 3D printable tabletop game- NecroVirus.

“3D Printers are a technology looking for a market and tabletop gamers represent an enormous opportunity” states Todd Porter “If you go to any gaming convention you will see hundreds of our gaming brethren who, like us, have spent thousands of dollars on their heros, villains, monsters, terrain, and layouts. Now imagine a game that unlocks endless customization and collectibles by providing the tools and community to self-produce all of their content on a 3D printer in their own home – it’s going to be fantastic!”

The NecroVirus Kickstarter campaign page can be found at, along with more details about the game, videos and other information for potential backers. The campaign offers several levels of support with multiple attractive rewards.

NecroVirus is a zombie-themed tabletop game where players control a small band of survivors who must search out and find Rations, Ammo, Fuel, Munitions and Material in order to make it another day.  The system introduces unique gameplay elements including bitten survivors that may turn into zombies at any moment, an innovative movement system where survivors try to stay undetected or attract the dead, and a fast paced point-based action mechanic.  Additionally, every round players switch between controlling their survivors and controlling the zombies – so the action never stops.

NecroVirus also introduces a world that is played on expandable Secure Connect™ boards that link together, forming an ever-growing gaming surface.  Onto this surface players place 2D or 3D printed game pieces that include buildings, roads, zombies, survivors, vehicles – so the layout of the game changes each time it is played.

“The immersive experience of playing on a full, three-dimensional cityscape is unbelievably cool.  Watching adults and kids pick up the pieces and turn them in their hands at the many conventions we’ve attended really shows the power of 3D printing” said Jim Galis, VP Product Development, Advanced Imagination, Inc.

Players can log onto the BoardCraft® portal, that lets them access all of the pieces of NecroVirus and modify them, customize them, and print the results on their own 2D or 3D printer. Players without a 3D printer at home can have another portal member print them, or have them printed through one of the certified printer partners on the BoardCraft portal.  Additionally, new content for NecroVirus will be available on the BoardCraft portal, including buildings, roads, vehicles, survivors, missions, cards, and more, all created by the team at BoardCraft or members of the BoardCraft community.

“Our mission is to buck the trend in technology for virtual experiences by getting adults and children to return to the kitchen table and play in a world built virtually but printed physically,” said Todd Porter, CEO of Advanced Imagination, Inc.  “I love it when I see my kids put down their iPads and finally play with each other as opposed to amongst each other.  Being able to engage them as we play and interact is a lost experience in the digital age… I want to bring it back.”

Advanced Imagination Inc. creates breakthrough technology in the traditional video gaming and iGaming spaces. The first experience is Boardcraft® which brings together a multi-billion dollar gaming space with the emerging 3D printer space via a Virtual Board Game Building Ecosystem that bridges the virtual world with the physical world. NecroVirus™ is the first game built on the  Boardcraft® platform. For more information, please visit