Welcome To The Beautifully Rich Steampunk World Of Gremlins Inc.

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Independent game developer Charlie Oscar is pleased to announce and introduce its first two games: Gremlins, Inc. the video game and Gremlins, Inc. the card game which features 129 beautifully illustrated playing cards. Both games are best described as games of strategy and malice and are set in the same rich Steampunk universe.

Gremlins, Inc. introduces the original Steampunk world of immortal and immoral corrupt capitalist gremlins created by Alexey Bokulev, the game designer/programmer who previously single-handedly developed Eador. Genesis, a fantasy turn-based strategy with sales of the original 2009 game exceeding 100,000 units. Sales of the 2013 remake have exceeded 200,000 units.

Gremlins, Inc. the video game is a digital board game for two to six players as they take on the role of a corrupt capitalist gremlin, a scheming microscopic creature living inside a tiny Steampunk world, competing for money, political power and prestige using a deck of 150 cards to move and to carry out various actions such as earning and stealing resources, setting traps, collecting bribes and gambling. Gremlins can also employ PR firms that are ready to spin any lie and arrange the arrests of their competitors. (We would just like to say for the record that Johnny Atom has never had anyone arrested!)


Who Are The Gremlins?

You think that’s just a pocket watch in your hand, a watch that’s a bit late because you keep forgetting to wind it up? No, no and no – you couldn’t be further from the truth! What you carry around is a whole gremlin town packed into this tiny mechanism: a town with its own bank, its own casino… and even its own jail! Gremlins are the microscopic creatures that inhabit any mechanism that they can possibly infiltrate . If a watch or a telescope malfunctions – it’s probably due to gremlins who took residence there.

More than anything in life, gremlins value money, political power and prestige: prestige that one can claim after completing some sort of a grandiose engineering project. Aside from working on their own projects, gremlins mostly spend their time preventing other gremlins from building something even more grandiose. This they achieve through bribing bureaucrats, employing consultants that are ready to spin any lie and arranging arrests of their competitors (to name just a few of their neighbourly actions).


Corrupt Capitalists

In this game, there’s no “us vs them”, nobody’s taking their “last stand” and no weight of the world rests on anybody’s shoulders. Our gremlins don’t care about such things. In other games, you may have played for a noble general, or for an adventurous space trader. But have you ever played for a corrupt capitalist gremlin? 

As a banker, a clerk of the higher court or one of the other twelve characters, you’ll join these immortal and immoral creatures in their little world that revolves around engineering projects. If they had a motto, theirs would be ‘the end justifies the means’. Or to be more precise, ‘the score justifies the traps!’


A Turn-Based Digital Board Game Of Strategy

It sounds simple: using a deck of cards (150), you move around the playing field to execute the strategy of your choice. Maybe you want to go to the Court and impeach the Governor, or maybe you want to go to the Astral Plane and get some free votes? There’s quite a number of mechanics at your disposal. What takes it to another level are the combinations (cards, locations and probabilities) and the competition with the other players.

The moment the others understand that you’re on your way to Police to arrest another player, someone might preventively jail you beforehand. And someone else will then take your money while you’re out. To win this game, you’ll need both to execute your own strategy, and to disrupt the plans of the others. Some famous testing sessions were won by people driven solely by their desire to afflict proper revenge on the others. None of the sessions were won by people who wanted to make friends.

The video game will launch in Early Access for Win/ Mac and available through Steam/ GOG, in September 2015 priced at €9.99/$9.99/£6.99/R499. It’ll be available in the following languages; English, German, French, Spanish, and Russian.

Of course we can’t forget about the physical card game…

Gremlins, Inc. the card game consists of a deck of 129 richly illustrated cards used by two to six players to build their own projects and sabotage the projects of their competitors with the aim of earning the highest prestige score. While the card game is set in the world of Gremlins, Inc. and borrows its visuals from the video game, it offers original card-specific game mechanics and does not require ownership or familiarity with the videogame. However, for anyone that does play both games, it will deliver a diverse playing experience across both platforms.

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The first card game project for everyone at Charlie Oscar, Gremlins, Inc. the card game will be released through Amazon as well as via direct sales in English at €19.99/$19.99/£14.99/R999 and will later arrive in German, French, Spanish, Russian and Lithuanian.


Developed by Charlie Oscar, they were established two years ago by Sergei Klimov (the founder of Russia-based publisher Snowball Studios who later worked as business development with SoftClub, Larian Studios and Daedalic Entertainment) Charlie Oscar was formed with the ambition of creating original entertainment IPs in the space of video games and board games.

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