Whalebox Studios Reveals Their Kickatarter Plans For Goliath


Whalebox Studios has made a big decision regarding the future of Goliath… After discussions with players and gaming press, they’ve come up with a big list of ways they can make Goliath even better.

As a small team, they don’t have a giant robot-sized pile of extra cash sitting around, so they’ve decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of some additional items.

Originally the campaign was planned to launch in July, but they decided to take some extra time to make the Kickstarter as good as it can be. The current plan is to launch the campaign on August 17th. 
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The Kickstarter will give you a chance to pre-order the game at a discounted price and get a bunch of great rewards, such as digital art books, exclusive Goliaths and character skins, the original soundtrack, t-shirts and much, much more. You can even help develop the game! They’ll be offering opportunities to create characters, quests, weapons, and more…
The plan is to use the funds to make the game even better, some of the items they’re planning to bring into the game with your help include:

• More Goliaths! They have several great ideas for more versions of the giant robots, but in order to get them created in time they need to bring on a few more developers.
• New Multiplayer Modes: They’d love to have some of their crazy multiplayer modes ready to go right at launch.
• Original Score: They’re talking with the composer of the music for a very critically acclaimed indie game, and they’d love to officially add him to the project!

• Original Script: An award-winning comic book writer is excited to write the story for Goliath, and they’d like to offer him fair payment for his work.
• Much more: With your help, we can polish many of the features in the game. We’ll share more information about what we plan to use the Kickstarter funds for as part of the campaign.

Please tell your friends about the game and upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Ask them to sign up for the mailing list, to like the game on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and to talk about the game using the hashtag #GoliathGame.

They have some very exciting plans for Goliath, but we won’t be able to do it without your help! So recruit your friends into the Goliath Army today!
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