Velocibox Review: Can you reach the end?

Velocibox makes its way onto PS4 and PS Vita, but is it worth your time?

Nerd Block
To start off Velocibox is an endless runner with a dastardly scheme. It wants to test your decision making. Yes that’s right. In Velocibox you play as a box… your goal is to collect smaller boxes. This in turn builds your level gage. Once filled you move onto the next level. If only it where that simple.

You see the halls of this game are filled with obstacles. Deadly walls, pipes from floor to ceiling and beams everywhere. You  have the ability to flip from bottom to top. You can climb walls, but you can’t stop moving forward. I sent several hours running into everything imaginable. Flip from the floor to a deadly ceiling. Resetting the level and going again.

This game can and will likely frustrate you at points. But each level works with you and eventually you will pull off some crazy hand eye coordination moves leading you to the next level.

So visually the game doesn’t stand out as the show off to everyone type of game. But it’s easily one that can hook you for hours. The music keeps the fast pace feeling super fast. So your mind will always be at full speed.

Some weird things I noticed while switching between PS4 & Vita are the controls on Vita are sluggish while PS4 are tight. This left me with a lot of reties. On the Vita version I would die when I needed to move quickly across the screen. While on PS4 I would over shoot what I needed and die that way. I’m not sure why the balance difference was there, but it through me off when switching.

With all of this being said. I prefer Velocibox on Vita. It feels more at home and I made it way farther than I could on PS4. Now to be honest I have to say wait for a sale on this one. It’s super addictive and keeps you locked in for hours, but can easily frustrate you in a matter of seconds.

Now let us know what you think. Own it, gonna get it? Sound off below.