We Play Wednesday: Lets Play Batman: Arkham Knight As Harley Quinn

Thank you for joining me on another episode of We Play Wednesday, today we’re going to be playing the Harley Quinn Story Pack DLC from Batman: Arkham Knight. Much like the Red Hood DLC this one was another pre-order bonus. The only difference is that the Harley Quinn Story Pack wasn’t an exclusive for any retailer or format, this one was available to everyone.

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Playstation Plus Games in July 2015

It’s time for the monthly drop of new free games on the PlayStation family. Here they are:
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Bleeding Border, CurseBoxStudios Reveals Their First Commerical Game On Steam Greenlight

bleeding border header

CurseBoxStudios launched their first commercial game to Steam Greenlight, Bleed Border. It’s a first person 3D survival horror game, in which the player must escape through the top of a monster infested building using his own blood as the only defense mechanism.

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Worlds Adrift, Bossa Studios Reveals Stunning New Screenshots

Bossa Studios is excited to share a wealth of new screens straight from Worlds Adrift, they highlight a variety of lighting conditions, a day/ night cycle, one of the floating islands, a female character, and of course the newly added grappling hook in action.

Wait a minute… Did you say you aren’t familiar with Worlds Adrift? Then it’s time you familiarize yourself and get this on your radar. Worlds Adrift is the latest adventure from Bossa Studios, the creators of Surgeon Simulator and I am Bread.

A thousand years ago, a great calamity shattered the world into floating islands scattered across an endless skyline. Ragtag bands wander from island to island on cobbled together airships, discovering lost technology and scavenging for resources to keep flying.

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We Happy Few, Updates With News Of Expanding Formats And Kickstarting Joy


With less than a week to go to the Kickstarter campaign, Compulsion Games is thrilled to announce that it is bringing We Happy Few to Mac and Linux platforms on top of the previously confirmed Windows version.

All backers who pledge at the Early Bird tier (CAD $25) or above will be able to select which version of the game they want to receive upon release.

Backers who pledge at the CAD $60 tier or above will receive their PC pre-alpha key, but this build will not be expanded to include the new platforms. The pre-alpha will be available only through Steam on Windows as initially announced. Compulsion plans to deliver the Mac and Linux versions on or shortly after the official launch of We Happy Few.

The Pied Piper of Hamlyn, Part Two

Last week Compulsion released the first live action footage of Uncle Jack, the omnipresent and ever-smiling face of Wellington Wells. We got to hear the first part of “The Pied Piper of Hamlyn” from Jack’s Nighty Night show. Today we get the final part of the unusual bedtime story.

Kickstarter Progress

We Happy Few reached its Kickstarter goal over the weekend, surpassing CAD $250,000 in pledges. It also recently achieved the first stretch goal: Drug Paradise! Next up are Sandbox Mode, extra Uncle Jack Shows, and more!

There are still a few days left to the campaign, and you can make it happen. Be sure to check out the campaign page if you haven’t yet…

Just in case you’ve enjoyed way too much Joy and have managed to forget, We Happy Few is the tale of a plucky bunch of slightly terrible people trying to escape from a lifetime of cheerful delusion. Set in a drug-fuelled, retro-futuristic city in an alternative history 1964 England, you’ll have to blend in with its other citizens, who don’t take kindly to people who don’t abide by their not-so-normal rules.

Main Features

A procedurally generated world: Each time you die or beat the game, your next adventure through Wellington Wells will be different. Forget about relying on the city’s layout to escape!

A sophisticated suspicion system: The inhabitants of Wellington Wells expect you to behave in very specific ways—if they suspect you’re not taking your Joy, they’ll quickly identify you as a Downer.

Frenzied combat: Downers aren’t very popular in Wellington Wells. In fact, Wellies tend to get a bit violent whenever one walks by.

Twisted survival mechanics: In this urban setting, avoiding the Wellies’ fury often means hiding in plain sight.

An elaborate crafting system: Salvage supplies and Joy-tainted food to stay alive, but be careful not to overdose!

Founded in 2009, Compulsion Games is a thirteen-people studio located in Saint-Henri, Montreal. Compulsion is dedicated to crafting games with surreal worlds, emotionally truthful characters, and a rockin’ art style. They shipped their first title, Contrast, in 2013.

V.Next, A Gritty Cyberpunk Stealth Adventure Game That Needs Your Support On Kickstarter Now

SyncBuildRun LLC has announced the launch of the Kickstarter of their first game on July 30th, 2015, a unique progressive episodic adventure called V.Next. They plan on releasing a new episode of the game each and every week, which means V.Next will play more like an interactive television series than any game yet released.

In the cyberpunk future of Seattle 2035, players take on the role of Vivienne Denue, a smart, tech-savvy female hacker with no memory of her past. Her memory stolen as punishment for past crimes, Vivienne must relearn her mastery of hardware and software to right the wrongs in society, and to foil a complicated collusion between powerful executives, scheming Artificial Intelligence programs, and shadowy gangs of cyborgs.

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