Gunnheim, Reminiscent Of Classic Top-Down Shooters Headed To Early Access

gunnheim header

Finnish indie studio SIEIDI Ltd is thrilled to announce their newest PC title will be available through Steam Early Access on August 10th.

If you’re a fan of classic top-down shooters you’ll rejoice at the mere sight of GunnHeim, it promises to deliver intense action inspired by Viking mythology and the golden era of couch co-op gaming.

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When the Lord of Death can no longer stand the inner turmoil caused by his duties in hell, he turns to the bottle and hits it hard. Unfortunately without his watchful eye keeping order in the underworld, all hell breaks loose…

It’s up to the unholy siblings of GunnHeim to kick some devilish ass and return the divine balance.

Join forces with up to 4 players or go solo in an epic quest to save the world in local or online co-op.

Intense action that makes you cry epic manly tears of steel

Superior low-poly graphics combined with intense gore.

Friendly fire? Of course!

No pixel art.
No puzzles.
Most importantly, no zombies!

GunnHeim is currently in development for PC and will be released this fall, after an early access period on Steam. They’re still pushing towards PS4 & Xbox One as well…

Developed by SIEIDI, a Finnish game development startup founded in 2014. The crew consists of 5 people with a balanced skill set of design, tech and business.

The name SIEIDI comes from Sami, the language of indigenous people of Scandinavia, and it roughly translates into a sacred place. Contact or visit our SIEIDI station in Finland! Respect the gamers – Value the makers.