Review Abyss Odyssey: Extended Dream Edition

Rereleased on Playstation 4 on July 28th 2015 by Ace Team is Abyss Odyssey. Gameplay is a mix of special abilities, jumping, dodging (or lack of) and blocking. The interesting part of Abyss Odyssey is once you die you get to use a much weaker human version to avenge your death. Then you can then seek out a special altar to revive your special character. If you die when you are this human you must start all over again as the use of save points is very limited and only if you have a special item to save at an altar and even that has a limited amount of consumption.

The game follows 3 set characters to ascend an abyss to reach a warlock, whose dreams are creating monsters in reality causing havoc. The object of Abyss Odyssey is to transcend the abyss fighting off monsters and once you reach the final section you have a boss fight on your hands.

Online co-op is fun and entertaining. There was some minor hiccups where my character locked up. Wait time was also annoying sometimes I waited for 5 minutes to hook up with someone, but other then that it was pretty smooth sailing.

Pretty 2d landscapes and 2d models are very pleasing to the eye. The soundtrack I really enjoyed very good job indeed.

if you’re looking for some time to pass between games. This game should be on your radar, its fun and sounds great.

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