Destiny, The Taken King Changes

According to a September Game Informer Issue there has been new information on Destinys new expansion The Taken King.

LevelingР will be restructured with no more light levels. Level cap will be 40 and leveling will be more straight forward like a typical RPG. I am Curious if this means we will all start out at level 20 or will our light level carry over and then get extinguished.

Loot– Bungie states they are changing the loot algorithm to take your existing gear in account when awarding gear so it keep’s duplcates at a minimum.

Recast – Peter Dinklage is no more and Nolan North (voice of Nathan Drake) will be the voice over for your Ghost in the new missions and they even did his voice over on the old content.

Weapons & Gear – Year one gear (Vanilla Destiny, TDB,HOW) will not be getting any stronger then it is now. Meaning no more Ethric Light upgrades it appears. Bungie stated that the old gear will work for the early part of the expansion but dozens of year two gear will eclipse it.

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