Player Piano Put’s A Classical Twist On The Super Mario Bros. Theme Song In Memory Of Satoru Iwata

Player Piano is a YouTube channel where composer Sonya Belousova and director Tom Grey put a classical twist on your favorite songs and soundtrack themes. The latest Player Piano video celebrates 30 years of Super Mario Bros. and is in memory of Satoru Iwata.

To make this tribute truly special, they’ve created a completely custom Nintendo Entertainment System Piano.

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Would you love to be the proud owner of this amazing NES Piano w/ the Gamepad Bench?

Then head to their YouTube page and subscribe to their channel, they’ll be giving away the featured piano to one of their subscribers when their channel reaches 1 million subscribers. It’s as easy as that. just subscribe for your chance to win. Triple your chances by also “liking” them on Facebook and “following” them on Twitter.

If you’d like to hear more classical renditions of our favorite videogame themes, check out their 8-BIT ALBUM which includes tracks from Castlevania, Megaman, Legend of Zelda, Ducktales Moon Theme, Super Mario 3, and more…

Here’s an added treat from the 8- Bit Album…