Loot & Legends Brings Tabletop Gaming To The App Store


Tabletop role-playing games can open our imaginations, bringing us to new worlds that are beyond our own fantasies. The only problem is that they require tables!

Are you ready for a tale of fantasy, conquest, and pizza? Loot & Legends has arrived on the App Store!

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Loot & Legends lets you bring those experiences with you, turning day-to-day life into giant and exciting quest.

Build your party of heroes, earn cool loot, and take on magical enemies in a fantastic adventure that’s inspired by all your best memories of tabletop gaming.

Developed by Dropforge Games, Loot & Legends is an adaptation of the wonderfully well received card-based PC role-playing game Card Hunter, for iOS. 

Built from the ground up for mobile platforms, Loot & Legends puts the fantasy experience in the palm of your hand, allowing you jump into an adventure wherever you roam.

Utilize skill, cunning and above all else, strategy as you use your powers to take down enemies in an effort fulfill your quest to become a true legend!

Will you succeed?

Loot & Legends launches is available now on the App Store!