Thank You From Average Nobody’s, There Will Be A Few Changes Ahead

First off. I’d like to thank everyone for choosing our site as a destination when searching for nerdy news & reviews, we sincerely appreciate you and all of the feedback you’ve shared with us over these last few months…

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When my friend and I set out to create Average Nobody’s, it began from the simple desire to share the things we’re passionate about with a much larger community. However we both had an underlying hope that this venture would, one day, lead us down a path where we’d be able to support our families doing something we love. Working on this site has certainly been a labor of love, everything we do to create content for the site is done in our spare time. And believe me when I say “spare time” isn’t always easy to come by, we’re all; husbands, fathers, and working 45+ hours a week in an industry that we’re less than passionate about.

Unfortunately as this is more or less a “hobby”, there will be times when life gets in the way and demands our immediate attention. In these moments we’ll always do what’s best for our families, after all our dream for this site was to create a better life for them.

With that being said, he’s decided to step down from the company so he can take care of his family and attend to some personal matters. Before anything else, he’s a dear friend of mine and I’m hoping that everything will be resolved and work out for the best.

What does that mean for the site?

At this time I’m the sole content creator for the site, which means there may be lulls in content during my regular work schedule (Friday – Monday). However I’ll do everything I can to provide news, upcoming releases, first Impressions, reviews, articles, etc…

To ensure content is flowing as regularly as possible, I’ll be pulling back on our daily let’s play videos for the time being. This will allow me the time needed to focus on gaming for review purposes.

I appreciate your patience and understanding in this time, please know that I haven’t lost focus on the goal… I’m still here to share my passion for gaming and nerd culture as a whole.

Of course if you happen to be in the market for any variety of nerdy/ comic book related goodies, please bookmark our links to Superhero Stuff and Nerd Block as we get a small percentage as a “Thank you” for directing a sale their way… Maybe one of these days I’ll be positioned to start up a Patreon, but its not quite that time yet.

As always, your comments and feedback are always appreciated…

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