Will You Be Able To Survive The Furiously Fast Disc Combat Of DiscStorm This Month?


These frisbees are no laughing matter, in the right hands these are weapons of mass disc-struction.

Enter into the competitive world of disc combat, where a motley crew of fashionable combatants utilize their speed and cunning to survive a single-player gauntlet of trap-littered environments, secret passages, and unmerciful bosses.

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As fast and challenging as its retro inspirations, you’ll need to bring your A-game, and then some, to defeat your friends in local four-person deathmatches or against AI opponents. Pick your challenge with seven modes, including Survival, TimeBomb, and the one-disc, one-hit brutality of DeathDisc.

With danger lurking  around every corner – can you survive the storm?

The battlegrounds are prepped and the combatants have completed their training. Fast-paced arena combat game DiscStorm is coming August 20th for PC, Mac and Linux.