Everspace Needs Your Help To Launch From Kickstarter To The Ends Of The Universe


Last month ROCKFISH Games revealed their upcoming title EVERSPACE, its a rogue-like 3D space shooter with non-linear storytelling. Whatever you do, don’t chalk this up to being “just another space sim”, EVERSPACE promises to be far more than that. They’ve taken everything they learned with their incredibly popular title Galaxy On Fire and decided to show themselves up… Utilizing the Unreal Engine 4 they’ve created a stunningly beautiful universe that you can’t help but want to lose yourself in. I think the only thing that could possibly rival the visuals are the core mechanics that it’s all based upon, they’ve added details that most wish they could pull together in a AAA title.

However in order to deliver the finished product that they envisioned, they’ve turned to Kickstarter to rally the community so they’ll be able to finish the game the way it needs to be done.

Just in case you’ve been lost in the woods for the last month and aren’t yet familiar with EVERSPACE, you can check out our original coverage for an overview.

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Will there actually be a story within a rogue-like game?
That’s right, they’re promising to deliver a captivating storyline within the gameplay dynamics of the increasingly popular rogue-like model of gaming. However they’ve taken the time to create a gameplay progression that will keep the story unfolding until you reach the end of the actual game. Which means you’ll always be discovering the next piece of the storyline, even after you die, often, and start again.

So you won’t find yourself feeling like Bill Murray stuck in a perpetual Groundhog’s Day loop.

However keeping in mind that it’s a Rogue-like game, not only will you not run into the same storyline bits but its highly unlikely that you’ll end up in the same setting twice. When you start a run, after dying, a new course will be plotted to your destination.

In order to last a little longer the next time, you’ll have to adapt to the circumstances at hand:

  • Switch it up: Use different tactics when dealing with enemies; cloak your ship and sneak past or attack all guns blazing?
  • Gather resources for needed repairs: However you decided whether you’ll mine the local asteroid belt or hunt down well-guarded traders for their precious supplies? That’ll be completely up to you.
  • Pursue the adventure your way: Explore the mysterious nebula visible in the distance with unknown consequences or will you stay safe and head straight to the space station for refueling? Investigate cosmic anomalies and stellar bodies (wormholes, comets, derelict ship wrecks) or don’t bother and jump to the next system?

Digging deeper into a couple of the core mechanics…

Mining for resources and crafting may be the only way you’ll have a chance to survive some encounters, however it’ll be completely up to you. When you find a quiet moment, will you take the time to mine the nearby asteroid belt for resources or will you push ahead looking for the next fight?

everspace mining

  • Maybe you are stranded in a desolate asteroid field; craft a mining rocket to extract fuel out of certain asteroids that will allow you to power up your jump drive and leave the place.
  • Craft a cloaking device or an afterburner to fly past an overly powerful band of warships.
  • Craft an extension to your laser weapon that enables the shield bypass feature.

everspace crafting

Whatever you do: Crafting the most suitable item at the right time will greatly increase your chance of survival… Especially when you realize you’ve been left limping, struggling to survive after your last encounter with the enemy. And don’t worry, you won’t need to rely on a health bar, you’ll be able to witness the damage as it spreads across the hull of your craft like a disease.

everspace damage

But don’t worry if you don’t manage to craft those repairs before you perish, you can always upgrade your craft before you start out on a new course.

everspace upgrading

Head over to Kickstarter

Whether you’re wanting to know more or you’re ready to show your support, head over to their Kickstarter page and let them know what you think… I know there are times when I stumble onto a Kickstarter campaign and wish I had the ability to financially contribute, unfortunately that isn’t always the case. However there are other ways to show your support, simply helping to get the word out within the community is a great way to let them know they’ve got a fan within you.