Turpin: Terrible Toys Is A DC Comics Inspired Detective Story On Kickstarter Featuring The Serial Killer “Toyman”

There’s no doubt that comic books and pop culture, as a whole, have the unique ability to lure people in and make even the most unlikely of people become the proudest of fanboys/ fangirls. For some of us, our fandom drives us to; read every issue, watch every episode, and immerse ourselves into the community so we can be a part of the conversation. Then there are those of us that find inspiration within our fandom, they create original works to honor the characters that they’ve come to love.

Today I’d like to introduce you to Robert Dodrill, he’s the writer and director of the upcoming DC Comics inspired fan film Turpin: Terrible Toys. Set against the backdrop of a pre-Superman Metropolis, Detective Dan “Terrible” Turpin sets out to hunt down a serial killer known as “Toyman”. Using toys as weapons, he’s targeting a local crime syndicate known as Intergang.

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The short aims to take a slightly different approach to the fan film, and rather than feature superheroes, the short plays out more like a detective story. Dan Turpin, Lois Lane, Toyman, and Bruno Mannheim all appear in the short. Akin to Fox’s Gotham series, Turpin takes place in a pre-Superman metropolis.

While these aren’t the major characters that everyone may be familiar with, everyone involved in the production is confident that they’re creating an engaging story that shines a spotlight on characters that tend to live in the very large shadow cast by Superman.

Who is Detective Dan Turpin?

Raised in the tough streets of Brooklyn in the 1930s, Dan Turpin became a member of a child detachment unit known as the Boy Commandos. During the years of World War II, he assumed the nickname of his hometown, Brooklyn.

As an adult, Turpin relocated to Metropolis where he became a police officer, and later an inspector for the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit. Turpin proved to be a brash no-nonsense officer; an accolade which earned him the nickname “Terrible” Turpin.

Who is Toyman?
Toyman is a legacy name used by several characters, primarily enemies of Superman in Metropolis. Designing numerous deadly toys as weaponry, he is a sociopathic mechanical genius. They’ve gone out of their way to create the beautifully iconic mask worn by the Toyman, they’re looking to bring the character to life for the first time in a live action format.

Why Kickstarter?

This short is currently in production and about 50% complete. The Kickstarter will allow the team the ability to secure the remaining props, wardrobe, and locations needed to ensure they’re able to deliver the fan film that they’ve been envisioning. If they’re able to make this film the success they’re hoping it’ll be, there’s a strong possibility they’ll be working towards an ongoing series set within this vision of Metropolis.

Whether you’re wanting to know more or you’re ready to show your support, head over to their Kickstarter page and let them know what you think… I know there are times when I stumble onto a Kickstarter campaign and wish I had the ability to financially contribute, unfortunately that isn’t always the case. However there are other ways to show your support, simply helping to get the word out within the community is a great way to let them know they’ve got a fan within you.


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