Whispering Willows Pushes The Xbox One Release Date To Embrace Games For Gold Deals

Last week we shared the news that Whispering Willows would be released for Xbox One on August 12th, however to give the best possible deal to gamers everywhere, Abstraction Games and Night Light Interactive have moved the Xbox One launch date to August 28 to take advantage of Microsoft’s Deals With Gold program.

Just in case you’re not yet familiar with Whispering Willows, you can check out our previous coverage here

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Originally slated to launch for $9.99, Whispering Willows will launch Friday the 28th at 30% off ($6.99) for two weeks only (through Friday, September 11).

“Deals with Gold allows us to give gamers a break, so it was an easy decision for us to make,” said Night Light Interactive Co-Founder and CEO David Logan. “We are extremely proud of the game we’ve created in Whispering Willows, and if we can do something that not only gives our fans a great deal but also ensures the game is played by as many people as possible, we’re on board.”

The iOS and Android versions of Whispering Willows will also be launching on Friday, August 28. The Wii U launch date is still to be determined, but will follow very closely on the heels of the Xbox One release.