SCRAPS Allows You To Craft And Fully Customize Your Own War Machine

Doof Warrior got you down? Wish you could build your very own Gigahorse? Don’t worry: You can unleash your inner War Boy with SCRAPS.

Inspired by Interstate ‘76, Lego Racers and Stratosphere, Scraps allows players to design and build a near-infinite number of unique combat vehicles. Only superior designs will endure Scraps’ insane deathmatches, which can be played via LAN or online.

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Unlike real-world auto manufacturers, Scraps’ engineering philosophy is all about boundless creativity. The game’s intricate vehicle creation system makes it easy to bring the craziest contraptions to life. Spikes at the front of your car? Done. A race car equipped with a tank turret? No longer a childhood dream.


very part (including realistic physics attributes) is functional and serves a unique purpose. Whether players add armor, weapons, engines, or heat sinks, no two cars are alike. Once the vehicle is outfitted to taste, it’s time to the test it against online opponents — or challenge friends to appropriately retro LAN deathmatches.


Upgrades are straightforward: Players who collect scraps from fallen enemies in the heat of battle can use them to purchase upgrades or repair vehicles. More destruction equals more experience, which unlocks new parts and weapons.


Bill Borman, Founder of Moment Studio said, “With Scraps, I wanted to replicate that feeling of limitless possibility you’d get from building some crazy vehicle out of Lego or whatever as a kid. And then of course, here you can finally drive that insane thing you built. And a key feature of Scraps is how things really work: Engines make you faster, weapons shoot, cooling systems manage your heat, and so on.”


  • Create a combat vehicle of your own design, from common sense to “legally insane.”
  • Play against AI or human players in single-player mode, LAN, or over the Internet. You can also host!
  • Make use of functional parts to build your death machine: Want to go faster? Add a bigger engine. Need more defensive capability? Time to add some armor. How about tipping over when cornering? Easy: Put all the weight on one side . . . and voilà!
  • Engage in physics-based madness: You can build a vehicle that moves by firing its guns backwards. (No one’s going to stop you.)
  • Work within a budget or experiment with freeform testing. (Unlimited funds, yay!)

Scraps can be purchased for $15 during Early Access (Windows-only for now). At launch, the full game will cost $20.