Batman: Arkham Knight, Arkham Insider Episode 7: Party Like Its 1989

The weeks leading up to the release of Batman: Arkham Knight the Rocksteady team had been delivering a weekly web series, entitled Arkham Insider. This was their forum to keep in touch with the community and to keep us excited as they prepped for launch. However we haven’t received a new episode of the series since the game was released…

Until now, Arkham Insider is back!

In this episode the Rocksteady team takes a deep dive into August’s DLC drop, out this week for season pass holders.

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By now most of you already know that the big piece of DLC is the Tim Burton 1989 Batman themed Batmobile, the Tim Burton 1989 Batman skin, 2 Racetracks inspired by Batman and Batman Returns, and of course the Bat Family Skins.

In the episode you get an exclusive first look at it in action, however we’re also getting a brand new AR Mission/ Challenge Map featuring Teen Titans Robin.

Make sure you post your Teen Titans scores on Twitter using hashtag #BeatHarry.


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