Missing: An Interactive Thriller Launches On Steam At A Suspenseful Discount


It’s a return to the classically cool days of full motion video games for Mac fans, as Episode One of MISSING: An Interactive Thriller launches on the platform today. To celebrate, developer Zandel Media is discounting the pulse-pounding adventure by 60% on Steam from today, August 17, up until August 23.

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In the first episode of MISSING, David Newcastle wakes up to find he is kidnapped and has no idea why. Can he find a way to escape and simultaneously discover his captor’s identity? As Dave looks for a way out, Detective Lambert investigates a series of unusual disappearances.


With over a 95% “Very Positive” user rating on Steam (PC), MISSING is sure to be a great experience for Mac adventure gamers and aspiring sleuths. Solve challenging puzzles, find items and use your reflexes in action sequences to help the characters progress in the story!


Developed by Zandel Media, they werr founded in Montreal in 2011 by two Ubisoft alumni, Zandel aims to bridge the gap between video games and television by bringing  FMV games back to digital platforms. Zandel works to create high-quality filmed games that merge the intense narrative of television with the engaging experience of being the hero in a video game.