Whalebox Studios Launches Their Kickstarter For Goliath Today


For those of you that have been following my coverage of Goliath, you already know that Whalebox Studios has been planning a Kickstarter campaign to improve their game and incorporate all of the fan feedback they’ve received at conventions.

However if you’re unfamiliar with Goliath, then this is the perfect time to familiarize yourself. Goliath is the massively open world game where your survival depends on crafting the biggest baddest Goliath, to defeat the long forgotten monsters.

And today is the day that you get to help them make the best game possible, their campaign for Goliath went live earlier today.

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The Kickstarter will give you a chance to pre-order the game at a discounted price and get a bunch of great rewards, such as digital art books, exclusive Goliaths and character skins, the original soundtrack, t-shirts and much, much more. You can even help develop the game! They’ll be offering opportunities to create characters, quests, weapons, and more.

Join their team and help raise a Goliath army!


How Whalebox Studios plans to make Goliath even better with the Kickstarter campaign…

As I mentioned, a lot of the improvements and upgrades they’re looking to add to the game are based directly on fan feedback. From those lucky fans that had an opportunity to get hands on with Goliath, at recent conventions.

For example, one player at Gamescom suggested a new weather effect: rain should heal the wooden Goliath. We love the idea, and it’s going in the game if our campaign is successful. Here are some other features that will be included thanks to Kickstarter funds:

More Goliaths! We have several great ideas for more versions of our giant robots, but in order to get them created in time we need to bring on a few more developers.

New Multiplayer Modes: We would love to have some of our crazy multiplayer modes ready to go right at launch.

Original Score: We are talking with the composer of the music for a very critically acclaimed indie game, and we would love to officially add him to the project!

Original Script: An award-winning comic book writer is excited to write the story for Goliath, and we’d like to offer him fair payment for his work.

Much more: With your help, we can polish many of the features in the game. We’ll share more information about what we plan to use the Kickstarter funds for as part of the campaign.

Whether you’re wanting to know more or you’re ready to show your support, head over to their Kickstarter page and let them know what you think… I know there are times when I stumble onto a Kickstarter campaign and wish I had the ability to financially contribute, unfortunately that isn’t always the case. However there are other ways to show your support, simply helping to get the word out within the community is a great way to let them know they’ve got a fan within you. #GoliathGame