Soon You’ll Be Able To Take Part In The Steampunk World Of Gremlins Inc, For Now Watch The Trailer

gremlins inc logo

Independent game developer Charlie Oscar is excited to announce that its digital strategy board game Gremlins, Inc. will be released as a feature-complete beta in late September 2015 priced at £6.99. Here’s my original announcement for both the digital table top and physical card based versions

Gremlins, Inc. is the result of the creative collaboration between Alexey Bokulev and Sergei Klimov, two games industry veterans who in 2013 set about to develop an entirely original turn-based multiplayer strategy game for PC that would be inspired by classic strategic table top boardgames.

They’ve released a brand new trailer highlighting the games mechanics…

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“We have been developing this project for over two years and currently we have fully implemented the core gameplay mechanics of the game. All of the important features are in there with nothing missing”, said Sergei Klimov, the Producer of the game. He continued, “In terms of the user interface, as well as extra features such as special character abilities and crafting, we have reached the point where we need player feedback and solid statistics in order to prioritise certain things over others. We currently have a number of new features in development and we’d love to hear what the community says about them very early on, hence our decision to invite players in to early access now, with the full release expected some time in Q1 2016.”

The September release will see the game coming out for Windows and Mac platforms, with five languages at launch (English, German, French, Spanish and Russian) and more to come in 2016 once the game moves on to the regular store.