Destiny: The Taken King Year 2 Twitch Reveal, What Will Year Two Hold For You?

destiny twitch_8_19_hero

Bungie’s Senior Design Lead Tyson Green and Executive Producer Mark Noseworthy answer your burning questions regarding Destiny: The Taken King, by the time the livestream has concluded you’ll have taken a tour of the Tower and you’ll get to see how your Guardians are about to evolve with the beginning of Year Two.

They’re also going to be answering your burning questions, such as…

How will your own personal highlights from the first year of Destiny translate to the second?

What will your Guardian’s lifestyle be like in the new and improved Tower?

How will your Guardian become a more powerful snowflake over the course of your next journey?

Is it true that Character Level and Light will rise in exciting new ways?

All will be revealed and explained in Bungie’s most recent Destiny Livestream. And just in case you missed the actual livestream, here’s the archived video for your viewing pleasure…

What are your thoughts on what Year 2 of Destiny will bring? Of course you’ll want to make sure you check back next week for Bungie’s next livestream, STRIKE THE DREADNAUGHT – 26 AUG 2015 – 11AM PDT.