Trans-Galactic Tournament’s Open Beta Is Free On PS4, Here Are A Few Videos To Help Get You Started


Tran-Galactic Tournament is currently free in open Beta on the PS4, however there seems to be some confusion in the community as to what kind of gaming experience you can expect from this up and coming 4v4 multiplayer.

To help ease any confusion and ensure you know why you should be excited to try your hand at Trans-Galactic Tournament, the Kiz Studios community manager has put together a series of  “101” video to learn more about the three gameplay modes: Plunderball, Annihilation and Conquest. And get a great first-hand overview of the action-packed mayhem-fueled madness.

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Plunderball: 101

Annihilation: 101

Conquest: 101

Trans-Galactic Tournament (TGT) is about thrilling 4v4 team strategy and frantic kill-or-be-killed action. Now is your chance to get an early taste of the game, which features; 10 awesome champions, 100 unique power-ups, and six insanely dangerous arenas to challenge your skills as your team battles to overwhelm the opposition. Plus all of your unlocks, levels gained and statistics earned in Open Beta will carry over to the full release of Trans-Galactic Tournament.

One more thing, on Thursday at 4PM EST, you can watch the developers battle the fans, and maybe jump into a match yourself.