Delve Into The Mystery And Intrigue Of Master Spy On PC


You are Master Spy. In a world of corruption and decay, you’re not just good at what you do – you’re the best.

With the aid of your prototype cloaking suit and quick wit, you’ll sneak your way past a multitude of enemies and obstacles, all while uncovering a plot of conspiracy and intrigue that thrusts you into a role far greater than your contract promised…
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Confidential. For your eyes only:

  • Jump, sneak, and cloak your way through more than 50 levels, with locales ranging from churning electro factories to mystical ninja command centers!
  • Cinematic pixel art cutscenes pull you into the experience, weaving a tale of espionage, intrigue, and betrayal!
  • Discover secret levels hidden throughout the game, allowing you to change the story!
  • Test your skills in the unlockable limited-visibility Blind Master mode!
  • Train in Novice mode with checkpoints that aid you on your mission!
  • Featuring a spy-fi original soundtrack by André Allen Anjos / RAC.


Bypass the security protocols and secure your top secret copy for $9.99, 15% pre-order discount on + Humble Store, 10% launch discount.


Developed by TURBOGUN, John Coxworth (Art) and Kris Truitt (Dev), a two man team who worked on this between our full time jobs for the last couple of years.

They brought in André Allen Anjos / RAC ( for a spy-fi soundtrack full of synth and guitar.