JUX: A Storytelling Game For Creative Thinkers Was Successfully Kickstarted And Launching In September


The goats are loose and Major Tom is floating free! Elbowfish LLC, creator of games across all platforms, announces the imminent release of JUX: A Storytelling Game For Creative Thinkers. JUX combines collaborative storytelling, whimsical illustration and the science of critical reasoning to encourage out-of-the-box thinking. After a successful Kickstarter campaign that inspired the support of a growing base of worldwide fans, the game has shipped to all backers, and will officially be in stores and online as of September 1st.
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JUX: A Storytelling Game For Creative Thinkers is an unpredictable storytelling card game for 3-6 players, ages 13 and up. Players start with the best way or the worst way to do something, then build up their own wacky, where’s-it-going tale with other players, inspired by the quirky illustration cards in their respective hands. Each player can continue the story, take it in a new direction (literally—JUX expands in two dimensions), or challenge another player’s narrative. Gameplay lasts 20 minutes or longer.

Consistent with Elbowfish’s commitment to creating “meaningful games”—great games that make you think—JUX incorporates basic principles of critical thinking and constructive debate. Elbowfish worked with renowned philosopher Peter Boghossian to ensure that JUX embodies the disposition of openness, humility & flexibility necessary for critical thinking. In fact, every copy of the game includes an introduction to critical thinking written by Prof. Boghossian especially for JUX, complete with links to online resources for further exploration. The studio previously worked with a physics educator on their game, Antimatter Matter: A Quantum Physics Board Game (Really!)©, which cleverly integrates basic principles of particle physics in fun gameplay.

Additionally, in keeping with Elbowfish’s reputation for attention to artistic aesthetics and high production quality, the studio partnered with celebrated illustrator Noah Patrick Pfarr to create unique, full-color illustrations to inspire players’ imagination.

Check out a few of the cards below to get your creative juices flowing…
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