Tears Of The Machine Episode 1 Wreaks Havoc On The App Store


Tears of the Machine: Episode 01 continues the story after the prologue in a near future dystopian world revolving around X42, the main character of Tears of the Machine. A man entombed inside of a massive mechanical form.
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He’s an unstoppable weapon that has woken up with no memory of his former being. Only the face of a girl is left within his mind and a past that he seeks to discover, while surviving hordes of faceless mechanical soldiers sent by the Global Order Coalition to neutralize his existence.


“Iron hearts and steal will
Power is all that they seek
Control quenched with every kill
Order brought so terrible and bleak”

 “None to stand before their throngs
None to break their unholy might
They bring forth the crying songs
And with them, burn the world in sight”

–          Top-Down Survival Shooter
–          One-off symphonic score
–          Fast-paced futuristic action
–          Intuitive controls and gameplay
–          Player weapon customization
–          Retro-style graphics and characters

Over the course of three years, a group of friends and talented acquaintances called X App Studio Group conceptualized, planned, created and tested TOTM. They have worked tirelessly to deliver the vision of this game that started as an idea from the founder of the group Mohamed Elzankaly.  

Elzankaly and X App Studio Group have long had a passion for playing video games and TOTM is their experience and knowledge presented in an engrossing and well-crafted experience. Having taken inspiration from the games they had grown up with, the team wanted to create not just a game, but also an experience for the audience to be able to play and follow. It is a dramatic story that any player can take to heart and have a fun time playing.