The Tactical Stealth Shooter Red Awakening Needs Your Help On Kickstarter

When I originally stumbled onto Red Awakening it was during an earlier build of the game, however it was enough to get me excited. Domino Effect Ltd was determined to take everything that made the 80’s great, then make it even better. I can’t express how thrilled I am that the Kickstarter campaign for Red Awakening is in full swing.

What is Red Awakening?

Welcome to the Program… In the mid 1980’s America is on the brink of collapse, the unemployment rate soars as hundreds of thousands of students boycott schools across the country.

Youth violence is out of control, with once peaceful protests turning to violent riots in the streets. Fearing a civil war with the youth of America and the ever-increasing threat of communism, the powers-that-be covertly fund a clandestine CIA mind control program, code-named “Red Awakening”.

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Violent young offenders and captured Soviet agents from across the country are sentenced to public executions, and then flown by night to secret facilities and forced to fight to the death on a reality TV game show called “The Watch”.


The contestants are told if they can survive the first season, they win their freedom.

But is it really that simple…


Focused on team based gameplay, Red Awakening draw inspiration from elements that can be seen in the original Thief, Manhunt, Time Splitters 2 and Condemned: Criminal Origins.


After 2 years of self-funded development the team has now chosen Kickstarter to achieve the final stretch to deliver the best possible experience on both PC and Console.


First iteration of the project has been shown to press at early stage back in 2013 with favourable feedback from OXM, IGN, Indie Game Mag and Dread Central above others.

“After the initial feedback we decided to take all on board, keep the good elements and refine the game mechanics and visual to raise the bar even more. We worked incredibly hard in the latest few months and we hope the public will like our game” said Rob Peall, co-founder of Domino Effect Ltd.


  • 5vs5 Tactical Stealth Shooter
  •  First Person Dynamic Stealth System
  • Parkour Style Movement
  • Ultra Violent Gameplay
  • Synth Soundtrack made by Ryan Ike(Gunpoint, Starr Mazer )
  • Cell Shading distinctive graphics


Red Awakening is planned for release on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 during Q2 2016.

Whether you’re wanting to know more or you’re ready to show your support, head over to their Kickstarter and let them know what you think… I know there are times when I stumble onto a Kickstarter campaign and wish I had the ability to financially contribute, unfortunately that isn’t always the case. However there are other ways to show your support, simply helping to get the word out within the community is a great way to let them know they’ve got a fan within you.