Party Hard Is Thriving In Their First Week And Will Deliver A Huge Content Packed Update


The latest update to Party Hard introduces new twitch events, including a Miami-level specific Sharknado event. Alex Nichiporchik, producer on Party Hard said, “We are overwhelmed by the positive reception the game’s getting, and the twitch chat integration feature is one of the most exciting things we ever launched.”

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Streamers who play the game can essentially play against their audience, who make sure to trigger events that troll streamers. The twitch chat can participate in the game by choosing specific events to happen, for example a group of angry bikers to come in and beat everyone up, more people to show up, a group of special agents to clear the area out, and more…

Hopefully you’ve had an opportunity to check out Party Hard, of course I’d you have your probably wondering what the future will hold in terms of DLC. Alex had this to say on the topic, “we have been getting tons of questions about DLC, and my position on it is — screw paid DLC. It is evil and I don’t want our fans to feel like we’re milking anyone. It’s horrible when you have to both pay the price of admission, and then pay extra for more content — the market for games is hundreds of millions of people. Instead of trying to milk your player base, make sure they’re happy — and they’ll tell about the game to their friends.”

“It’s stupid when you do loads of paid packs to a game that’s not free. It confuses the players and alienates potential new fans.” Alex continued to say, “why don’t you just price the game properly in the first place?”

There’s a large content update coming very soon to Party Hard. In the meanwhile, enjoy new twitch events!