Does Avalanche Studios And WB Games Have A Plan For DLC In Mad Max?

In today’s gaming marketplace it’s become more and more common for AAA developers to release a game with the intention of backing it up with downloadable content, so much in fact that we’re presented with the option to purchase a season pass even before the game has been released. And yet Avalanche Studios, creators of the critically acclaimed Just Cause franchise, decided to take a completely different approach with the release of Mad Max.

So far the only mention of DLC that I’ve come across are references to the pre-order bonuses, console exclusives, and the Rockstar Energy challenge car… that’s it. Whether or not Avalanche Studios is making a silent statement against the dependence on DLC in gaming or they’re simply wanting to make sure there’s a demand before investing the time, I honestly don’t know.

However this is what I know… The below content has been made available so far.

Even though Avalanche Studios hasn’t yet revealed their ultimate plans for Mad Max, I’d say there’s probably an expectation within the community that there will be more DLC coming our way. With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of what I’d love to see make an appearance in Mad Max.

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The Expected Content: This is the sort of content that most gamers have come to expect from studios, I don’t see why Mad Max would be any different. Whether or not this is the sort of DLC that gets you excited, I can guarantee they’d be welcomed additions all the same.

      • New Magnum Opus Bodies: 

There are all kinds of vehicles that would fit right in with the chaos and mayhem of the Wasteland, could you imagine charging through the Wasteland in an armored car, semi cab, or a school bus… Better yet, what if the enemy was charging at you in these unstoppable behemoths?

    • Magnum Opus Customization/ Upgrades:
      • Weapons: There are a wide variety of options that could be introduced, whether you’re looking to go defensive replacing the spikes with barbed wire, electrified panels, or spinning saw blades. Then again if you’d rather go offensive, replacing the harpoon with a mounted .50 caliber machine gun, mounted flame thrower, or perhaps you’ll rely on Chumbucket to throw Molotov cocktails at the enemy. Either way, I’d like the option to make those decisions and further customize my Magnum Opus as I see fit.
      • Hood Ornaments: Introduce a new line of fear inducing hood ornaments that provide a range of new attribute boosting benefits.
      • Cosmetic Customization: How about new paint schemes, decals, and of course stylish rims.
    • Character Skins For Max: Include a few new options to personalize Max to your liking, while enjoying the benefits of boosting his attributes.

Single Player Campaign: Typically these are the kinds of DLC that I look forward to downloading. If I’ve enjoyed playing a game enough to buy new content, it’ll be so I can spend more time within the world.

  • Story Missions: Go beyond the current story, with a brand new story arc that follows the events of the game.
  • Wasteland Missions: There are already a variety of Missions across the map, but that doesn’t mean you’ve got to stop coming up with new ones. Does it?
  • Camp Takeover: Clans rise and fall all the time, why wouldn’t there be new camps that emerge over time?
  • New Territories: Expand the map with new territories, bringing with it a variety of new missions/ challenges to occupy your time. I’d love to see a brand new Warlord incorporated into the game, ruling the territory with an iron fist. Perhaps the missions/ challenges would arise as you find yourself caught in the middle a growing power struggle between the factions.

Bringing Multiplayer To The World Of Mad Max: There is so much beauty and depth to the design of the Wasteland, I’d love to see multiplayer incorporated into the world of Mad Max.

  • Co-op Missions: Who wouldn’t want to experience the Wasteland with a friend? Whether playing through the story or introducing all new missions specifically designed for co-op, I’d be game either way.
  • Traditional PvP Style Gameplay: Bringing familiar forms of PvP to the Wasteland, with the addition of high speed instruments of death.
    • Death Match: Of course this is always a winning mode in any PvP experience. Whether it’s team based or everyone for themselves, the Wasteland would lend itself perfectly to this mode of play.
    • Territory Takeover: Capture territories to erect scarecrows for your team, takedown the enemies scarecrows before you can take the territory. The team with the longest reign at the end of the round wins.
    • Scrap Collector: Do whatever it takes to collect the scrap; search it out, scavenge wreckages, or simply kill and take it! The team with the most at the end of the round wins.
  • PvP Vehicular Mayhem: Highlighting the vehicular mayhem that the Wasteland has to offer…
    • Convoy Takedown: One team controls the convoy as it rolls down the desolate stretch of highway, while the other team risks life and limb to take it down before it reaches the destination.
    • Traditional Dirt Track Racing: I don’t necessarily know if I’d take part in this particular gameplay mode more than a handful of times, however I think I’d probably be in the minority making that statement.
    • Death Run’s: There’s no defined route to the finish line, you chart your course across the Wasteland as you head towards the marker on your map.
    • Demolition Derby: Well… Why not?

As a developer, DLC is your opportunity to present the fans with a reason to continue playing that game even after the end credits. Only time will tell if we’ll be receiving any more DLC or not, however I think that’s a question they’ll want to address soon.

What DLC would you want to receive in Mad Max? Let me know in the comments below.

However I will say this, I love the fact that the redemption codes for the current DLC populate the items into the world, as opposed to just handing them to you off the bat. I really wish more developers would do something similar with their own in game DLC.

27 thoughts on “Does Avalanche Studios And WB Games Have A Plan For DLC In Mad Max?”

  1. Oh….. we need a gyro-copter bonus vehicle as well as motorcycles, pole cats, and maybe even the tank\car hybrid from fury road.


  2. Did anyone realize that one reason max was so successful in the beginning of the road warrior was that he had the dog with him? I would pay handsomely to have the ability to use the dog in combat or at least move him into a different vehicle at will.


  3. I’d love to see some DLC, specifically a survival mode, where there’s less scrap, food, water and fuel to find, there’s a few more longshots scattered around the map.

    Coop would be awesome, especially if you could roll around in your own cars, teaming up to take on the wasteland.


    1. Considering the Arkham games feature new game plus, I figured WB would’ve included something similar with Mad Max. I definitely think there is a lot of opportunity with Co-Op in the game, feels like a missed step.


  4. I think this game needs something like a Hardcore mode. In the first minutes you are confronted with scarcity of water, gasoline and ammunition, but none of these matter anymore as soon as you build those projects and fast travel. I have completed the game without building any projects, using fast travel, or even using Griffa’s upgrades (except for the first mandatory time) and it still feels like a walk in the park instead of wasteland survival.


  5. You’re making me wish for something I know I’ll never get. I REALLY want more story lines, more quests, more bits of the map, more content. The game is dynamite. Very enjoyable from start to finish, but very short. The only problem with it is that there isn’t more of it.


    1. I’m definitely keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll be receiving some quality DLC in the future, however I’d settle for confirmation that it’s in the works… I’d love to see the lifespan of the game dramatically extended.


  6. I wouldn’t mind a Mel Gibson DLC :].

    The game has only been out for a month. It takes time to do DLC and I’m willing to wait as long as we get something good. I would seriously love a Mel Gibson DLC though.


    1. My concern isn’t that they haven’t delivered DLC yet, its that there hasn’t been any communication that it’s in the works… The game has been a lot of fun, but without the promise of more to come I fear it’ll have a very short lifespan. And yes, I could definitely go for some Mel Gibson themed DLC. At the very least, bring on the Thunderdome.


  7. I completely agree with all your ideas. I would be so excited for any of that to happen. One thing I can’t believe they DIDNT do is have new game plus. Where you can play through again with all your stuff unlocked. You put in the time, why not have the fun of being able to play through again already built up and able to kick a lot more a**! Also, fighting the convoys was probably my favorite thing to do in the game. I think they should have the convoys respawn after you beat the game. I wish I knew who I could pass this a long to so they could see all our ideas 😉


    1. Yeah, I was pretty surprised by both of those features not being present. I’ve worked through a few channels to get some info, however the team isn’t commenting one way or the other…


  8. I’d love to expand his on foot attack options. New type of gun, maybe a pistol or rifle because Max seemingly used everything but a sawnoff in fury road. Also new attacks/counters while fighting enemies would be nice. The ability to drop mines and scoop enemies with a bulldozer ram would be a cool upgrade. I like your idea of adding a machine gun/flamethrower instead of a harpoon or adding electric panels or saw blades as a defensive countermeasure. I’d like to see several new hairstyles/Armor upgrades to add to the customization of Mad Max. And definitely a new story campaign. I think that they should create a chain of missions in a place where you don’t need the Magnum Opus. Maybe have he lost the car again and finds himself in a network of tunnels filled with subhuman cannibals, sort of like the movie the Decent.


  9. Nice article man! Some multiplayer implementations sounds resonable …especially the Territory Takeover, where there will be like a survival system on: the more time is spent, you( as a leader) and your clan NPCs, or other players, would loose percentages in Food, Bullets, Gas, Water you get when entering the stronghold, so you need to always Takeover, Farm(Food) and Build, Repair- as the corrosion takes place over the Constructed Projects… A lot of stuff to add on to having a decent multiplayer experience…Great game overall!


    1. Thanks so much John, I’m glad you enjoyed the article. Adding multiplayer would be a major DLC drop, but the world they’ve created would be perfectly suited to it. Who knows what the future holds for the game… We’ll see.


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