Square Enix Announces Champ Man 16 Is A Free To Play Soccer Manager Sim For Android

Square Enix is excited to announce that Champ Man 16 is locked and ready for release. The latest in the Champ Man series brings an advanced single player campaign with incredible new features, an expanded game experience, and tens of thousands of real players from over 450 clubs from 25 playable leagues to manage. So now is the time to live the dream and take control of your club!

Watch the Champ Man channels as we reveal more and more information about the game in the coming weeks.

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Champ Man 16 is Free to Play and delivers the emotion and tension of what it takes to be a real football manager, but with the advantage of having it all at your fingertips. Fans need to nurture and develop their players by designing training programmes to hone their skills and ultimately lead their team to victory. Choose your formation, give tactical instructions, select specific roles for your key players and watch how it affects your overall team performance on match day.


‘I’m so excited for fans to see the latest instalment in the Champ Man series. Champ Man 16 is our longest ever playable game on mobile, giving our fans more excitement and in-depth gameplay’ said Des, Producer for the Champ Man franchise. ‘Having personally worked on this brand for many years, I can honestly say Champ Man 16 is the football game our fans have been waiting for.’

Want to prove yourself to be the best in Asia and South America? With Champ Man 16 you can! South America and Asian Champions Cups have now all been added alongside the European Champions Cup to give you the chance to become the ultimate football manager.

Champ Man 16 is available now on Android devices.