Tango Fiesta Is Everything You Love About 80’s Action Movies Disguised As A Videogame Hitting Steam This Month

Terrorists, aliens, diabolical game show hosts – John Strong has seen the face of every evil imaginable, and put a bullet in every last one of them. He’s the world’s greatest hero, or would be, if anyone believed him. Game developer Spilt Milk Studios and publishers Mastertronic are thrilled to announce 80s action-movie-in-the-guise-of-a-videogame Tango Fiesta will launch in full glory this September 24th.

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Follow in the footsteps of the world’s greatest hero, John Strong, as you and three friends shoot, blast, brawl, dodge-roll, unlock and smash your way through the true stories behind 80s action movie classics in this endless and endlessly entertaining arcade action shooter.

To celebrate the news, Spilt Milk Studios have unveiled their entire development story in the best way they know how – videogame form. Play as the game developers themselves in the comedic Legend of Tango JRPG and witness the making of Tango Fiesta. The Legend of Tango is available now and free to play on PC via Steam.

Tango Fiesta Launches September 24th for PC and Mac