Pulse Provides A Uniquely Terrifying First Person Experience, Check Out The Newest Trailer

The team at Pixel Pi has released a brand new trailer to herald the announcement of the October 20 release date for Pulse.

Dive into this truly unique game that puts you in the shoes of a girl named Eva, who lost her sight at a young age and must “see” the world through sound. Using this ability, and with help from the spirits of the forest, explore the forbidden paths once walked by your ancestors and discover the truth. Step into a world on the edge of collapse. Earthquakes shudder through the land, but why?

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“Pulse is the final form of the IGF finalist and Unity Award winning prototype originally created by the team at Pixel Pi Games as a project of love. Multiple years in the making, we’re extremely happy to finally be able to deliver the experience we always wanted to make. We hope you enjoy playing the game as much as we have making it.” – Pixel Pi Team

Notable Mentions

  • Game successfully raised more than $80k in crowdfunding campaign.
  • Audio collaboration with Joel Corelitz at Waveplant Studios (Unfinished Swan).
  • IGF Finalist and Unity Award Winner.