Guns, Gore & Cannoli Took Out The Competition On PC, Now They’re Taking The Fight To The Xbox One. Are you Ready?

A few months ago we were first introduced to Vinnie Cannoli, a hard-boiled gangster that took a trip to Thugtown to find a goodfella that had gone missing. Unfortunately, upon his arrival he found something completely unexpected… every dirtbag and lowlife in the city had become flesh-eating maniacs. And they were hungry.

Lucky for you, Vinnie’s always prepared for the worst case scenario. Packing his trusty Tommy gun and double barrel shotgun, you’ll be taking the fight to the Xbox One on Friday September 25th as Guns, Gore & Cannoli makes its console debut.

After the successful release of Guns, Gore & Cannoli on the PC & Mac, Crazy Monkey Studios is thrilled to celebrate this announcement with the release of a brand new trailer.

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Not only will you be able to clean up the streets of Thugtown, but you’ll get to look good doing it too. With the release of the Xbox one version of the game comes 13 free character skins that can be used in the campaign and the brand new Versus Mode.

Guns, Gore & Cannoli SkinsAll

That’s right! Guns, Gore & Cannoli will now be available with versus mode, so you’ll finally get to settle the score and show your friends who’s the boss. The versus mode brings with it even faster action, new arenas, and incredibly deadly AI.

Guns Gore & Cannoli VersusMode

Don’t have anyone around? The developers locked themselves into their basements and built a new battle AI ready to take over the world. And there wasn’t any better way than to test it out in the new versus mode. This AI can calculate all your moves and tricks 1 million times faster than you do and can predict the future. It’s prediction: You will die.

Do you think your reflexes and years of experience can outsmart 21kb of seemingly random gibberish code? Find out soon!

Don’t you wish you had an opportunity to win Guns, Gore & Cannoli the day that it’s released on the Xbox One?

Well, in case you missed it… I’m hosting a giveaway from now until the game is released on Friday, September 25th.The giveaway is in effect now, 3 WINNERS will be declared on Friday evening so you’ll have plenty of time to paint Thugtown red over the weekend. Click here for the entry requirements and how you can get your name submitted multiple times. 


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