I Am Bread, The Incredibly Delicious PS4 Review

When Bossa Studio’s revealed their most recent title I Am Bread, I think everyone in the community was a little curious. And then we remembered, they’re the same team that delivered the hysterical and wildly successful Surgeon Simulator. However it wasn’t until I Am Bread launched on Early Access for PC that everyone really started buzzing, is it really possible that it’s going to live up to the hype?

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The team at Bossa Studio’s knows what they’re doing and certainly didn’t take any shortcuts with the visuals, the game features a cartoony sort of realism that looks great and completely unappetizing. In the best possible way.


At the start of I Am Bread we’re presented with the Treatment Notes from Mr. Bob Murton’s most recent therapy session at the world renowned Therapy Barn, unfortunately it seems he’s been suffering from a bought of depression and anger due to the collapse of his marriage and business.

It’s these treatment notes that provide you with a sense of story throughout the game, they provide us with an understanding of how the events are toying with Bob and driving him further into a state of sheer madness. They also explain why Bob shuffles his bread throughout the house, thus setting up the scenario for the next level/ room.

Even though the treatment notes provide us with the story set up that leads us into the gameplay for that level/ room, there really isn’t any sort of in game storytelling aside from that. However I don’t think this is a game that anyone is going to play in the hopes of finding a thought provoking storyline, let’s face it… We’re bread.

I’ll say this, the treatment notes prove to be a hysterical source of entertainment on their own.


You can definitely tell that I Am Bread was designed for the PS4, using a PS4 controller in development, however the controls still take a little getting used to. Before diving in bread first, I highly recommend taking a slice out of the tutorial first.

Each shoulder button is assigned to a corner of the bread, it’s the use of these buttons that’ll allow you the most movement as you flip flop your way towards the goal. Not only are you afforded a remarkable degree of life from a slice of bread, but you also feature a surprising grip that’ll allow you the ability to climb your way up/ down walls and furniture. However if you’re left hanging too long, your grip meter will run out causing you to free fall. If you’re lucky you’ll be able to grab ahold of something on the way down, before you hit the floor.

However they wanted to make sure you had an array of play modes to keep you entertained as you maneuver a variety of bread products through the house, causing all kinds of craziness along the way. Of course each play mode features it’s own unique pitfalls that need to be avoided in order to succeed.

Story Mode: You’re a renegade slice of bread, determined to do whatever it takes to get sufficiently toasted. However there’s a catch, in order to keep your edibility up you need to remain as clean as possible… so stay off the floor, away from water, and avoid the ants.

Bagel Race: It’s exactly as it sounds, you’re a bagel on a mission. Roll your way through the checkpoints and make it to the plate in as little time possible.

Rampage: You’re a badass baguette looking to wreak a little havoc within the house, destroy anything and everything before the clock runs out to rack up as many points as possible.

Cheese Hunt: It’s simple really, you’re a piece of incredibly brittle crackerbread and all you want to do is collect the pieces of cheese scattered all around. Unlike in story mode it doesn’t particularly matter if you remain clean and stay off the floor, however you’ve got to remain in one piece. If you aren’t careful, you’ll end up in pieces.

Zero G: You’re the same renegade slice of bread looking to get toasted, however now… there’s no gravity. Ever see a slice of bread retrofitted with little boosters to propel itself through a weightless environment? You will now. Oh and you still need to stay clean to keep your edibility up.

Free Roam: It’s exactly as it sounds. Choose any of the mentioned forms of bread and unleash yourself upon on any of the rooms you’ve managed to unlock thus far.

It’s funny, when you look up I Am Bread on the Playstation Store it’s listed as being in a genre all it’s own classified as being “unique”. Even though that’s completely accurate, I think the majority of the game lives as a puzzler. In order to accomplish the goal, while aiming to achieve the highest possible score, you need to think your way through the room and make a true plan of attack in order to safely maneuver your bread to the destination. If you approach the game from a run and gun perspective (unless you’re playing free roam, bagel race, or rampage) you’ll end up with an incredibly disgusting piece of bread that’ll leave you as inedible as it looks.

Side Note

While my 8 year old was playing the game, I had the crazy idea to see what would happen if I turned on a second controller… You both get to control the same piece of bread, talk about cooperation. Needless to say, I tormented him way more than I helped.

Those of you that have had an opportunity to play Bossa Studio’s Surgeon Simulator. Bob the unfortunate patient on the receiving end of your surgical skills, is the same Bob that you’re tormenting in I Am Bread. In fact, this game is actually a prequel to Surgeon Simulator… Do what you will with that factoid impress your friends or forget it altogether. It’s up to you.

I Am Bread is a ridiculously bizarre game that is actually a lot of fun, while proving to be incredibly frustrating all at the same time. Unfortunately the biggest downside for me, is that there isn’t a whole lot of replay value as I haven’t really felt the need to revisit it since. However I think this is one of those perfect games to play with a group of friends, especially if you’re looking for a chance to give them hell while you’re laughing. Because of the lack of replayability I’ve got to say that the $12.99 price tag is a little too high, however it’s definitely worth buying on sale.


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