Subaeria, The Game Where Your Only Defense Against Deadly Oppressive Robots Is To Get Them To Destroy Each Other, Is Heading To Early Access Tomorrow

In Subaeria you take on the role of an outcast trying to escape a future world ruled over by technology. Armed with only your wits and the company of a personal drone, you must fight your way through droves of murderous robots by pitting them against one another.

On this desperate journey, you’ll uncover mysteries that lie below the depths in a battle to escape the underwater city of Subaeria. Are you intrigued yet? Good, because you’ll get your chance to rise up against the oppressive machines on tomorrow, Tuesday, September 22nd, as Subaeria will be launching in Early Access on Steam.

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In Subaeria players have no weapons or combat abilities and must learn to use their environment and enemies’ abilities against one another to progress. The characters are only human, regular people struggling against a system that seeks to destroy them. Players can manipulate both their character and a hovering tool, their Drone, to trick and influence enemies into defeating each other and themselves.

subaeria 3

Along the way, they’ll find many skills to upgrade their Drone and give them an edge needed to survive. They’ll have to make strategic decisions in how they progress through the city and what skills they keep and discard in order to survive long enough to witness the resolution of each character’s story.

subaeria 1

The game features 4 playable characters and every decision you make as any one of them will impact the lives and fates of the others. While they each have their own agenda and a unique personal history our characters are united by a singular cause, to push back against the rigid social order of Subaeria… albeit in their own particular way.

subaeria 2

The antagonists of this world are known as The Cleaners. They are the enforcers of this oppressive social order and they indiscriminately destroy anyone who tries to venture outside of the zone that Subaerian society has assigned to them.


  • AI manipulation: Pit your enemies against one another and the environment to defeat them.
  • Personal drone: Use powers equipped to your drone to influence the robots and your character. Find different skills and combine their effects.
  • Procedurally generated-labyrinths: Explore a different world at every play session.
  • A world ruled by technology: Discover the underwater city of Subaeria where robots enforce the law.
  • Multiple playable characters: Play as 4 characters with unique backgrounds and abilities
  • Interweaving storylines: Your choices affect the lives of all the characters.