Reminiscent Of Classic Titles Like TRON and Snake, LITRON Is Bringing Retro Puzzlers To Android Devices

ShortBreak Studios, the mobile division of Techland, announced today that its latest title LITRON is now available on Android. LITRON is a retro-style puzzle game that puts the player’s wit and reflexes to the test of the decade. Inspired by all-time classics like Snake and Tron, LITRON brings 60 twisted and mind-boggling levels created in the timeless visual style of the 80s and graced with mesmerizing retro tunes.

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  • 60 levels straight from the mind of a mad genius
  • Travel back in time and experience an 80s-inspired retro style
  • Gameplay that just won’t stay the same – each stage bends the rules and challenges you to turn your thinking upside down
  • Hypnotic tunes that will stay in your head
  • In-game achievements
  • Clear and intuitive user interface

LITRON is available as a free-to-play game and contains optional in-app purchases. The game can be downloaded for free from Google Play right here.

Developed by Shortbreak, a part of Techland, unites experienced developers to create and publish mobile games. Raised at arcades and with handheld consoles, they’ve never forgotten the charm of bite-sized, accessible fun. Having published Sugar High, Beat the Melody, Heal them All and The Collider, Shortbreak enters a new realm of mobile games with such titles as Hellraid: The Escape and Guncat, while remaining true to their love for pocket gaming and hefty coffee supplies.