The Fantasy RPG Game The Dwarves Announces A Special Arrangement With Heavy Metal Legends

Dwarves are tough. Forged from stone by their god Vraccas, they are rough warriors and skilled craftsmen. The love for all kinds of metal is in their blood and there is only one kind of music to complement the thunder of their sledgehammers and the clash of their battleaxes… METAL!

Developer KING Art Games is happy to announce that today a special co-operation with legendary German heavy metal band Blind Guardian. Not only will musicians from Blind Guardian perform parts of The Dwarves official soundtrack in their own unique style, but there will also be a special quest involving Blind Guardian within the game. To perfectly blend that within the fantasy world of Girdlegard, the developers from KING Art and Blind Guardian are working closely with the author of The Dwarves book series by Markus Heitz.

A new video shows the KING Art Games visit Blind Guardian at their studio, where members of the band play The Dwarves for the first time.

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Since 1984 German metal-band Blind Guardian mixes fast and powerful metal with fantasy-style music and slower paced ballads. For example, the album “Nightfall” was a musical tribute to the world of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. Songs like ‘The Bard’s Song’ are not only everlasting hits, they also show how Blind Guardian is able and willing to tell a story with their music.

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A crowdfunding campaign for The Dwarves (in development for PS4, Xbox One and PC) started furiously and is only hours away from passing its 80% funded-line, having gathered more than 4,000 backers who have pledged over $200,000 so far – and there are still 15 days of funding left! A variety of stretch goals has also been revealed. Supporters will be able to vote for either a co-operative Multiplayer, a brand-new character with its own unique skills and story, different game modes such as New Game Plus, Horde Mode and more. Check out The Dwarves’ Kickstarter Campaign here.

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