Here’s Your Chance To Contribute To The Story Of Dying Light: The Following, With The “Letters From Harran” Contest

Every game developer knows that they’re responsible for developing a successful game, however Techland has shown that they understand it’s the community that makes the game an actual success. Techland has embraced their community like none other, they go out of their way to engage the fans providing us with news updates, development surveys/ polls, phenomenal post release content, and of course the Dev Tools Contests.

For the Dev Tools Contests Techland opens up their resources to the PC modding community and allows the fans an opportunity to become a part of the history that is being forged within Dying Light. These contests generate a genuine outpouring of creativity and skill from within the community, they’re giving gamers an opportunity to prove we’re more than just fans. Whether on the development side submitting an entry into the contest or a discerning fan ensuring your voice is heard during the voting process, we’re extending the lifespan of Dying Light and ensuring this great game continues to live on.

Unfortunately the down side to their dev tools contests, there is a certain degree of modding skill and experience required in order for you to actually submit a successful entry into the contest. However Techland has opened up another chance for the fans to get involved with the story of Dying Light: The Following.

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The team is creating a unique mission that takes place inside an abandoned post office and wants fans to have their messages of distress, horror, and/ or bravery to be scattered throughout the level. The design team will pick their favorite letters and place them into the game along with full credit for the authors.

“We’ve already seen what fans can do when creating awesome stuff for us” says Tymon Smektala, producer “so we found a cool little way to let them actually be a part of the story and have their efforts and names appear in our game forever.”

dying light the following post office letters

All letter submissions are being sent to the team via the Dying Light Facebook page, once you’ve submitted your entriesfeel free to post links to them in the comments below to further share your creativity with the community.

Find the rules and regulations of the “Letters from Harran” contest here.


2 thoughts on “Here’s Your Chance To Contribute To The Story Of Dying Light: The Following, With The “Letters From Harran” Contest”

    1. Lucky for all of us, they never specified that the entries had to be “good” in any technical sense. That’s the advantage to being a letter, we’ve all written them to convey our thoughts and feelings.

      Imagine yourself in the world of Dying Light, what would you want to say? Good luck!


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