The Breathtaking Science Fantasy Series, Sebastian: The Slumberland Odyssey Needs Your Attention On Kickstarter

Visionary Director Fede Ponce has been responsible for the art direction on some of Marvel’s most successful features, including The Avengers, Thor, and The Iron Man franchise. Fede’s expertise in 3D and motion graphic design has also been instrumental in the successful development and execution of several high profile projects. Most notable, he’s known for his work in features and theatrical campaigns for some of the biggest blockbuster titles, including Iron Man, Iron Man 3, Hancock, District 9, Casino Royale, Disney’s Up, and the GI Joe franchise.

However now it’s time for something new, he’s taking the culmination of his 12 years in the entertainment industry to bring his very own mind bending project to life. Sebastian: The Slumberland Odyssey is a unique high end, Science Fantasy (Sci-Fan) cinematic universe. This remarkable and ambitious project will take the audience on a spectacular adventure through a unique vision of the future and the unexplored realms of the Dreamworld.

However in order for Sebastian: The Slumberland Odyssey to become a reality, he needs your support on Kickstarter to get the Pilot episode for Season One and the graphic novel off the ground. Want to know more? Take a moment to listen to an overview of the story…

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Based on everything I’ve seen, read, and the conversations I’ve had with Fede and his team, I’m completely onboard with this project. There is so much talent and passion behind Sebastian: The Slumberland Odyssey, there isn’t any way they won’t deliver upon their promise. They just need our help so they’ll be able bring the breathtaking dream to life.

Whether you’re wanting to know more or you’re ready to show your support, head over to their Kickstarter and let them know what you think… I know there are times when I stumble onto a Kickstarter campaign and wish I had the ability to financially contribute, unfortunately that isn’t always the case. However there are other ways to show your support, simply helping to get the word out within the community is a great way to let them know they’ve got a fan within you.

sebastian in slumberland attack