The Nightmare From Outspace Is Lovecraftian Sci-fi Horror With A Platformer Approach And You Can Play The Prototype Now

El Salvador based game developer The Domaginarium is proud to announce their new project, titled “The Nightmare from Outspace” which is currently under development for the PC.

Lost and alone in an abandoned space station, Sanja is determined to learn the truth of what occurred and figure out what happened to the crew. However in doing so, she quickly realizes she isn’t alone. Unspeakable horrors lurk within the darkness, hiding amongst the shadows… waiting for her.

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“The idea of adding platforming to a horror game came to me after I watched the movie ‘The Descent’, in which a group of explorers are trapped in a cave. As for the story, I am a fan of Lovecraft, and his stories ‘The Dunwich Horror’ and ‘The Shadow over Innsmouth’ are a big inspiration for the story of our game” said Sergio Rosa, founder of The Domaginarium.

the nightmare in outspace 1


  • Fun and challenging platforming: Leap over massive gaps, perform acrobatic movements, cling onto ledges, escape through ventilation shafts. Areas are crafted to provide ways to learn and master new abilities, as well as challenges to test those abilities.
  • Rewarding exploration: The mix of third person platforming and old-school exploration games encourages players to search the surroundings, to find power ups, items, and story elements.
  • Environmental puzzles: Use your skills to interact with the environment to overcome obstacles and challenges in order to advance and uncover secrets. Some areas can be very dangerous, and the price of failure very high.
  • Brutal and deadly enemies: The creatures lurking in the shadows are meant to put your nerves and speed to the test, and failure can easily mean death.
  • Abilities and power ups: Collectables provide new ways to interact with the environment, and yield new physical abilities, opening the way to different areas that were previously unreachable or locked. Some can even be used in experimental ways to get unexpected results.
  • A dark and intriguing story: The story is heavily inspired by cosmic horror elements that predate human existence. The protagonist finds herself surrounded by sinister forces that constantly remind her, and us, how insignificant she is compared to the grand scheme of things.
  • Multiple endings: The game stays away from binary choices that result in standard good or bad endings. Instead, it watches you play, letting your actions decide how the story ends.

the nightmare in outspace 2

The Domaginarium has also made available a short playable prototype for those who want to check it out here.

“Since we are from El Salvador, we have our own way to see things, and a very different cultural background, and we can use that to explore different storytelling and gameplay ideas for this game, hoping to create a unique experience” said Balbino Aylagas, game programmer, who is also founder of the first and only game development school in El Salvador.

Developed by The Domaginarium, a small independent studio in El Salvador that focuses on story-driven games. In 2014 they released their debut title, “Enola”, a psychological horror-adventure game with explicit terrifying content that told the emotional and gripping story of Enola and Angelica.