The Park Provides A Glimpse Into Their Intense Psychological Horror Experience With New Gameplay & Dev Interview

Funcom announced today that its first-person psychological horror experience ‘The Park‘ will be released for the Windows PC on October 27th this year. ‘The Park‘ is set in an amusement park where a dark and sinister secret is just waiting to be uncovered.Starting today, the game will be available for pre-order on Steam, GamersGate and Green Man Gaming for the promotional price of 9.99 USD.

‘The Park’ is a fully standalone single-player game set within ‘The Secret World‘ universe – Funcom’s modern-day myths and mysteries massively multiplayer online game. As a special treat for players of ‘The Secret World‘, purchase of ‘The Park‘ will include several unique items that can be used in the MMO, including the terrifying Chipmunk Killer costume shown in the key art image for ‘The Park‘.

To learn more what ‘The Park’ is all about, have a look at this newly released video showing both gameplay footage and interview with key developers on the project.

Horror Block

“‘The Park‘ is all about the psychological aspect of horror and the slow building of tension and unease through storytelling and exploration,” says Creative Director Joel Bylos. “The story is told over one to two hours of gameplay and we have tried to tell a tale that is both terrifying and deeply emotional at the same time, offering players a different Halloween experience than they might expect going in.”


Focusing entirely on intense storytelling and exploration instead of combat and action, ‘The Park‘ draws inspiration from games such as ‘Gone Home’, ‘Dear Esther‘ and ‘The Vanishing of Ethan Carter‘. The player must step into the shoes of Lorraine, a mother whose son has gone missing inside the park, and what follows is a terrifying and emotional journey.


Developed by Funcom, an independent developer and publisher of online games for PC, mobile, tablet and consoles. Funcom has provided outstanding entertainment since 1993 and continues to expand its track-record of more than twenty released games. Titles include ‘The Secret World’, ‘LEGO Minifigures Online’, ‘Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures’, ‘The Longest Journey’, ‘Anarchy Online’ and ‘Dreamfall: The Longest Journey’.