Discover The Truth Behind A Series Of Grisly Murders & Conspiracy In Dark Years

Inspired by true events, Dark Years is set in 1953 Tehran, Iran.

Tehran is in the grip of fear following a series of grisly murders. Major Afshar has been tasked with finding those responsible. Meanwhile, some 3,300 miles away in London, an Iranian journalist is handed documents that uncover a conspiracy of seismic proportions. As both the Major and the journalist delve deeper, their paths will cross, plans for a coup will be uncovered and Western government involvement will be exposed.

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Dark Years is an action-adventure game based on the real events surrounding ‘Operation Ajax‘. In an attempt to secure the rights to Iran’s oil, the British and American governments secretly backed a coup that over threw the democratically elected government of Mohammad Mosaddegh. The result was a period of great instability and violence.

Key Game Features:

  • Open-world gameplay
  • Combat, self-defence, shooting and driving
  • Over 25 characters with nearly 3000 lines of dialogue
  • Compelling narrative
  • Over 8 hours of gameplay

Developed by RSK Entertainment, they’re an indie studio specialising in the development of PC games. Based in London, but with their roots firmly in Iran, RSK have released 6 titles, a number of which have enjoyed global launches.