The Cyberpunk Point & Click Thriller, MURDER, Goes On Sale Tomorrow For PC, IOS, & Android Devices

Upcoming Interactive cyberpunk short story ‘Murder’, developed by celebrated indie developer Peter Moorhead, will be landing on PC/Steam, iOS and Android from October 21st for £1.99/$2.99/€2.99 with a special 10% discount for the initial launch period.

To celebrate the launch, publisher Curve Digital has also permanently reduced the price of Moorhead’s previous title ‘Stranded’ to £2.99/$3.99/€3.99.  A bundle containing both Murder and Stranded will also be available on October 21st for the reduced price of £3.99/$4.99/€4.99.

Murder is a unique point and click experience. Heavily inspired by the works of Masamune Shirow, Katsuhiro Otomo, Neal Stephenson, and other cyberpunk greats, Murder takes players on a journey through a near-future Tokyo. Follow the actions of Lieutenant Motomeru Minori of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police on an unusual and dangerous case, in a story that explores morality and sentience in a world where both are commodities.

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“My design philosophy is always to consider my story and message first and foremost, and as with Stranded, I tried to deconstruct the form and reassemble it in a way that felt appropriate for what I wanted to say.” comments designer Peter Moorhead “Almost every action has a secondary, sort of proceduralist message, however subtle, and the sum total of these is an experience that rewards thoughtful, attentive play.”

●     Beautifully constructed and highly detailed pixel art by Lucas Carvalho and Glauber Kotaki.
●     Interactive storytelling with a confident cinematic flair.
●     A dynamic soundtrack composed by KubrixXx and sound design from “Steven Universe” composer Surasshu.
●     A diverse and varied cast with full voice-acting.
●     Big picture mode and controller support.