Why We Need To Push Friday The 13th: The Game Beyond Their Kickstarter Funding Goal

As we’re quickly approaching the, Friday November 13th, Kickstarter campaign deadline for Friday The 13th: The Game, they’re still $14,995 away from their $700,000 funding goal to #UnleashJason.

At the start of the campaign it appeared as if they would’ve reached their goal within the first 2 weeks, every time I checked the counter it just kept climbing at a meteoric rate. Unfortunately, like most crowd funding campaigns, the second week brought with it a rather dramatic slow down in the volume of pledges coming in. However the pace at which the fans were coming out to show their support and back the campaign has kept them right on track to achieve their goal. At this point there isn’t any concern as to whether or not Gun Media & Illfonic will hit their goal, its really just a matter of time.

Reaching their goal will ensure they’re able to deliver a terrifying, 1v7 asymmetrical multiplayer, Friday The 13th experience. However there is still so much more that the team wants to accomplish, within their Stretch Goals, in order to deliver the complete fan experience that they’ve had in mind. Among the list of their goals they’ve planned; some of the most memorable kills from the franchise, a single player campaign that’ll allow you to alter history by reliving iconic scenes from the series as either Jason (with a 1st person point of view) or a counselor, and of course there’s also the ability to play as the original killer… Jason’s dear ol’ mother.

Even though the team has said they’re considering the possibility of developing the Stretch Goals to become DLC down the road, but there aren’t any guarantees that it will happen. Right about now you might be asking yourself if there’s a possibility that they’ll become DLC, why should we fund the campaign beyond the $700K goal?

Horror Block

It’s simple. The only guarantee that the specific stretch goal(s) you want incorporated into the game will become a reality, is by funding it. As much as I’d love to see all of the stretch goals make it into the final game, the last thing anyone would want is for the team to take shortcuts or make compromises to ensure they’re able to fill the game with added features. If it were to come down to that decision, it’s going to be a simple one for the development team… it’s going to be done right, or it won’t be done at all. If you want to ensure it gets done, you need to do what you can to make it so.

Just in case you need an even better reason, take into consideration everyone that is involved with the project. Everyone at Gun Media and Illfonic are Friday The 13th fans through and through. They have a love and appreciation for the franchise and the horror genre as a whole. From the very beginning they’ve approached the development of the game from the point of view of a fan, asking the question what would they want to see in a Friday The 13th game? In fact, it was their passion for the project and their ability to deliver that attracted film industry legends like; Tom Savini (world renowned special effects artist, actor, director, and SFX instructor), designing the look of Jason and creating the most authentic kills that you could imagine, Kane Hodder (stuntman and actor who’s best known for playing Jason Voorhees in Part 7, 8, 9, 10) bringing Jason to life through motion capture and stunt coordination, and Harry Manfredini (composer and audio designer, responsible for the original F13 score and soundtrack, he also has 147 other film credits to his name) that will be responsible for enhancing the atmosphere of the game through sound. Thanks to the combined efforts of the team, they were able to attract the attention of Sean Cunningham (creator of the Friday The 13th franchise and director responsible other horror favorites to life on the big screen) who gifted the team with the license to the Friday The 13th property. If it was possible to pull together a better team to bring this nightmare to life, I’d dare you to try… This is truly a dream team that horror fans should be proud to having representing their interests.

Take a moment to think about the impact that these horror movie icons can have on the development of Friday The 13th: The Game, better yet any horror themed video game. They’ve spent their careers getting inside the minds of their audience, finding new and innovative ways to scare the hell out of them over and over again. It’s this very reason that we, as an audience, gravitate towards their films and consider so many of them to be timeless staples of the horror industry. If they’re able to captivate us on this level, just imagine how their experience and expertise will play into creating a truly authentic horror gaming experience. With that being said, our support of the Kickstarter campaign not only validates the demand for this project to become a reality, but confirms that the fans recognizes the inherent value that this team brings to the development of the project.

Even though the horror gaming genre continues to gain more and more popularity every year, there are still a large number of people that believe it’s still too niche of a category. Some might not feel that they’re able to fully embrace it, whether they’re hardcore horror fans that aren’t necessarily gamers or vice versa. However showing your support for a project like this on Kickstarter isn’t necessarily about backing it because you’re looking to take part in the project/ product being funded, it’s about standing behind something you believe in. If you’re a horror fan that isn’t interested in gaming, but you’re interested in the expansion of the genre and it’s themes into new mediums of entertainment, broadening its audience base… then this is a campaign that you might consider supporting. Perhaps you’re a gamer that isn’t interested in the horror genre, but you’re always keeping an eye out for the next new game on the horizon that promises to get you excited… then this is a campaign you might consider supporting.

Of course there is more than one way to show your support, you can choose to back them on Kickstarter and/ or take to social media to ensure all of your friends, family members, and even your co-workers know that you’re looking to recruit them in the effort to #UnleashJason.

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