Alone In The Dark Alum Is Developing 2Dark, Get Beta Access To This Twisted Stealth Horror Title Now

In case you missed the exciting news – Frederick Raynal, the creative force behind the classic game Alone in the Dark – has launched Gloomywood, a new studio working on the new stealth horror title – 2Dark.

Set in a twisted and quirky 1970’s universe, 2Dark tasks you with saving groups of kidnapped children, all while avoiding the ever present threat of their captors: disturbed serial killers who are lurking in the dark, waiting for their next victim. The unique gameplay mix challenges players with devious riddles and mystery around every corner.Horror Block

Featuring a unique look and a twisted storyline, 2Dark will ensure players never rest easy while scouring the game’s dark environments.


Those interested in exploring the sinister world of 2Dark can pre-purchase the game now, which will give them immediate Beta access.


Currently 2Dark is planned for a full release in early 2016, will you dare confront the worst of the worst for the children?